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The ground-breaking MIDC Land Allotment project, an important step in fostering industrial growth, is something the Maha Industry is proud to be a part of. With 80% of these priority allotment plots intended for the expansion of existing units and 20% for new projects, the new allotment of industrial plots has been received with great excitement. This mega project i.e., Land Allotment For Industries under the priority category, which has received praise from leading national newspapers, demonstrates our dedication to promoting industrial growth in Maharashtra. Priority allotment of plots has been assured through applications submitted online and the dedicated work of the land allotment committee lac under the chairmanship, providing an easy and transparent process for companies in the priority category. We are quite proud of our role in simplifying the allotment of plots and industrial areas under priority, which enables companies to establish themselves in key areas and spur extraordinary growth.

Under the vigilance of regional officers followed by the LAC (Land Allotment Committee), 80% allotment of plots was designated to areas under the priority category. In the care of Chief Executive Officers, these mega projects were government-approved, including FDI units, manufacturing products, machinery for the defence dept, Fortune Global 500 companies, etc., adding to the industrial expansion of existing units and economic growth in the region.

We are focused on our efforts to offer the supreme MIDC land allotment solutions to industries willing to grow and seize new chances. Plot sheds and remaining vacant plots are readily available, which gives Maharashtra's industrial area ventures even more potential for advancement. We at Maha Industry are aware of how important MIDC plot allotment is in shaping the industrial landscape. Hence, with our knowledge and commitment, we encourage and speed up industrial development in multiple areas, enabling companies to take advantage of prospects and boost the state's economy. To reserve your priority plot allocation and take part in this revolutionary path towards a prosperous industrial future, get in touch with us right now or for any query once your applications are submitted online!